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Quality Assurance

Fantastic Cleaning approaches quality control using multiple mediums and tools:

  • Management: Upper management conducts random site inspections on a daily basis in order to ensure services are being carried out in a manner that coincides with the standards and expectations demanded by management, customers and customer staff. Management’s site visitations also allow for face-to-face interaction with site contacts and other staff in order to ensure satisfaction with services provided as well as allowing for requests and on site authorization for individual location customized services. We have recently designed and implemented the use of our own digital inspection form. Once an inspection is complete a copy of our digital inspection form is immediately emailed to our customers, furthering communication and transparency on the condition of our services.
  • Supervisory Staff: Supervisory staff performs both scheduled and random spot checks and site inspections allowing for on-site communication and monitoring of front line cleaning staff.
  • Time and Attendance Monitoring: Fantastic Cleaning’s telephone/Internet based employee time monitoring system allows management to ensure proper work times are being spent at each site. Should management notice a deficiency or abnormality in a given employee’s work time this raises a red flag for further investigation and communication with the employee. This system also alerts supervisory staff when an employee fails to show up for work or is late for work allowing them to ensure each site is maintained as required daily.
  • Specialized service post work completed Inspections: Management inspects sites that have received specialized service such as floor maintenance, carpet cleaning or window cleaning to ensure work has been completed to exceptional standards and to re-schedule additional service if work does not meet expectations.
  • Complaint Response: Should a complaint arise from any location as a result of the performance of our services, Fantastic Cleaning responds immediately and to the absolute full satisfaction of the complaining party. Additional work required and cleaning emergencies are taken care of in the same fashion.