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Our businesses need very clean showrooms as well as workshops and Fantastic Cleaning has kept them at exceptionally high levels for the past 23 years. The single most important reason for our loyalty to Fantastic Cleaning has been the outstanding service. Any shortcoming, mistake or issue has always been dealt with immediatley and to my full satisfaction.

-Peter Trewik, General Manager, Germain Auto Import Network (GAIN)


We have been using Fantastic Cleaning for our janitorial, floor maintenance, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and fleet cleaning since 2013 and have been extremely satisfied with their perfomance. They have been able to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in our building by performing required tasks without failure and following up with regular scheduled inspections. Their staff and supervisors are polite and corteous and are approachable to discuss any issues.

In my opinion Fantastic Cleaning makes every possible effort to provide customer satisfaction as a janitorial service provider.

-Paul L. Smith, Building Manager, Times Colonist Victoria


Fantastic Cleaning has provided custodial service to the City of Langford at Langfotd City Hall as well as miltiple public safety buildings since 2008. During this time we have found they perform their duties to a high standard and are always coopersative in helping to solve any problems that may arise.

 -Steve Tement, Director of Finance, City of Langford


When problems have cropped up, Fantastic has worked quickly to remedy them, without delay or excuse. Their staff is always available by phone and email, which makes for rapid response when necessary.

In general, cleaning of schools is more difficult than other types of buildings. Fantatic Cleaning had little experience in this type of institution when they took over in the summer of 2010,  and there was a certain amount of uncertainy on our part in hiring them to fullfill our requirments. They have more then met our expectations in the past eight years they have provided PCS with their exceptional services. We have no hestiations in recomending Fantastic Cleaning Ltd.

-Francis Welle, Facility Manager, Pacific Christian Elementary and High School


I consistently hear from our tenants and building owners about janitorial services. I found that I heard favourable and positive comments from any building that I had Fantastic Cleaning working in. We have switched to Fantastic Cleaning Ltd. in all of our large buildings.

-Sheila Airey, Manager Client Services, Cherish Living Group